2011 International Women’s Day- SIRDEP Mobilises and Sensitises Women’s Groups in Batibo and Bessi

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SIRDEP’s Social Development component took part in International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, 2011.  The SIRDEP team focused on mobilising several women’s group in Batibo and Bessi villages.  The focal point of the celebration was a parade, in which each women’s group marched in solidarity to promote women’s rights and their role in Cameroon’s development. 

In addition to mobilising the women, the SIRDEP team sensitised them to ensure they understood the importance of this day and its impact on their lives.  This took place on March 4th, in preparation for the parade.  The sensitisaztion exercise highlighted a dire need for women to have a better understanding and appreciation for the day and what it truly represents.  

Brief history of IWD

Ready to march!

The IWD started in 1909 after serious protests by women in America demanding for their rights and better working conditions. Other European countries (Germany, Britain, and France) followed suit in 1911. It was in 1975 that the United Nations finally put in place for 8th March a day which is now celebrated yearly.  Each year a theme is selected. In Cameroon this day was first celebrated in 1986.      


In all, SIRDEP was successful in mobilising and sensitizing the women’s groups from Bessi and Batibo.  It was evident that all participants were encouraged by the message and enjoyed the showing of solidarity.  SIRDEP will continue to follow up with these and other women’s groups in the name of promoting women’s rights. 

March in progress

Despite the success, there is clearly much to be done in this area.  The Social Development component is committed to developing much richer and greater impacting women’s rights advocacy platform.  The component has identified this as a crucial element to its five year strategic outlook. 

Please do not hesistate to contact the Social Development component with any questions or comments.

Contact Ms. Gwendoline Sirri (Component head)

sirrigwend@yahoo.fr or



The Society for Initiatives in Rural Development and Environmental Protection (SIRDEP) is non-governmental, not-for-profit making organization in Cameroon head quartered in Bamenda. SIRDEP has a multi-disciplinary team of experienced agronomists, agro-economists, livestock technicians, rural engineers, and natural resource management experts who work together to foster positive, sustainable development. SIRDEP was founded in 1992 and is one of the oldest indigenous NGOs in the North West Region of Cameroon.

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