UPDATE: SIRDEP Releases The Cameroon Solar Energy Initiative

Two weeks ago SIRDEP offered a sneak peek into its efforts to promote solar technology in Cameroon.  We are happy to present the final report: The Cameroon Solar Energy Initiative

The report—authored by the Franklin House Consulting Group (USA)—provides a quantitative analysis of the solar potential in Cameroon.  Consider some of its findings and conclusions:

Click Cover to Access Report

Africa continues to play a minor role in the expansion of clean energy industries…Aside from Egypt attracting small investments in the wind sector and South Africa’s utility Eskom implementing a feed-tariff, the continent is untapped in one of the fastest growing global sectors.  Cameroon has the potential to lead the continent in the solar energy market…

Cameroon had a greater solar resource than the State of California [USA].  It had a significantly greater solar resource than Germany…

In reviewing the populations in accordance with the solar resource, it appears that the first initial solar training programs and pilot projects should be located in Bamenda and the outlying villages.  Bamenda’s solar resource ranked second, only to Ngaoundéré, and had a larger population…

SIRDEP is excited to begin translating this research into action.  Our latest concept is entitled Lighting the way for Cameroon’s Future Leaders, which seeks to provide solar lighting to households without access to electricity. The project focuses on students whose study habits are negatively impacted by a lack of lighting.  In conjunction, we are engaging youth–oriented organizations and universities to develop a pool of youths who are interested in careers surrounding solar technology.   Training will be essential to the long-term sustainability of this initative.

Please, if you have any questions about SIRDEP’s efforts to promote solar technology, the report, or our concept, do not hesitate to contact us at sirdepconsult@yahoo.com (Please include “Solar Lighting” in the subject). 

-the SIRDEP communications team


The Society for Initiatives in Rural Development and Environmental Protection (SIRDEP) is non-governmental, not-for-profit making organization in Cameroon head quartered in Bamenda. SIRDEP has a multi-disciplinary team of experienced agronomists, agro-economists, livestock technicians, rural engineers, and natural resource management experts who work together to foster positive, sustainable development. SIRDEP was founded in 1992 and is one of the oldest indigenous NGOs in the North West Region of Cameroon.

2 Responses to UPDATE: SIRDEP Releases The Cameroon Solar Energy Initiative

  1. Charles Frick MFoumou-titi says:

    Hello , I am Mr Charles MF. living between Congo and England , and would like to Promote the Protection of the Environment , par implimenting and Promoting this industry , with your help and assistance , specially with solar energy , eolien etc..
    My e-mail is : business8227@yahoo.fr
    tel: 00 242 06 809 67 49

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