Strategic Plan for 2016-2020

Message from the Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Dear all,

We are pleased to share our strategic plan for the period from January 2016 to December 2020. This plan has been elaborated on the basis of lessons from our past experiences and particularly the implementation of our 2011-2015 strategic plan.

One of the main lessons from the assessment of our 2011-2015 strategic plan is the fact that the problem of poverty and its causes are extremely complex. The solution to poverty therefore lies at the intersection of the relevant domains of intervention and can only be efficient when pro-poor organizations collaborate. We have therefore planned to network and collaborate with relevant development agencies in a more strategic manner in order to ensure complementarity and bring about more meaningful changes in the lives of our beneficiaries.

Through a quick analysis of our operational context, we have also become more aware of the fact that everything is evolving at an unprecedented speed, and we have not kept pace with the changing demands due to some gaps in our staff capacity and our inability to mobilise enough resources to implement all our planned actions. In order to remain valued, relevant and effective within the current rapidly changing context, we must rebuild our institutional and technical strengths as well as our resource base. Also, we must aim for a sharper focus that makes sense to both our beneficiaries and potential donors. This explains why in our 2016-2020 strategic plan, we have streamlined our programmes in order to improve on the quality of our services and boost our impact. We will also be more strategic in mobilizing and using resources, taking into consideration the stiff competition for funds and the need to use the little we can mobilize to achieve as much as possible.

Our 2016-2020 strategic plan is intended to help us consolidate and strengthen the impacts we have made so far, through improved and more sustainable solutions to poverty. It will provide direction for our Board of Directors and staff, and guide us on how we collaborate with other development actors to continue to contribute towards poverty alleviation.

This strategic plan will also guide us take the right decisions about our budget and how we manage resources in order to ensure resource efficiency without compromising the quality of our services to our beneficiaries. It is likely that we will be required to achieve more with fewer resources, but our Board of Directors and staff are determined and prepared to meet the challenge by improving on the way we organize ourselves to deliver our work.

During the strategic planning process, we benefited from the support of many of our partners who helped us to shape the plan by identifying and honing in on the burning issues and priorities of our domains of intervention. We are highly indebted to them and other pro-poor organizations who will partner with us to contribute in a more meaningful manner towards a lasting solution to poverty in our country.

You are invited to contact us via if by reading through our 2016-2020 strategic plan you find any avenue for us to collaborate.


Chairlady of the Board of Directors


The Society for Initiatives in Rural Development and Environmental Protection (SIRDEP) is non-governmental, not-for-profit making organization in Cameroon head quartered in Bamenda. SIRDEP has a multi-disciplinary team of experienced agronomists, agro-economists, livestock technicians, rural engineers, and natural resource management experts who work together to foster positive, sustainable development. SIRDEP was founded in 1992 and is one of the oldest indigenous NGOs in the North West Region of Cameroon.

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