Gifts of Hope and Smiles

Gifts of Hope and Smiles

SIRDEP was one of the recipients of gifts from Team Hope Ireland, known as shoe box gift project. We received 1700 boxes and distributed them mostly in churches and schools. The recipients are children from various backgrounds, mostly low-income earning families and marginalized groups such as the Mbororos. During the distribution, one could see how excited a child is after discovering the content of the box (color pencil, books, toys, candy, dress, shoes, toothpaste, etc).

The Mbororo children and their parents were particularly surprised to receive a give from someone who has never seen or known them. They testified that this is the first time they are receiving a personal gift, and more amazing from a Christian child in far away Europe. One of the parents exclaimed “Our entire family will use this toothpaste. My son who is looking after cows will come to school so he can one day also receive a gift. Thank you Christians for thinking of us.” 

Habibba Amadou’s Story

“My name is Habibba Amadou. I am 10 years old. I am in primary 5 in Catholic School in Alatening village. Our teacher told us that today we will be receiving some gifts. I did not sleep because I was wondering what it will be. My parents came with us, because they did not want us to receive anything that is not good for our culture.


Habibba (in yellow t-shirt) and siblings with their gifts

I am very happy – my father there is also happy. My box is made up of color pencils, pens, pencils, coloring book, sweets, toothbrush, toothpastes, under wears, socks and jewelry. My brothers and sisters’ boxes are also very nice. This is my first time of receiving a good number of personal gifts at a time, as far as I can remember. We usually receive gifts of clothes from our father during time of “Salla” (Ramadan feast and feast of the Ram). This one is really surprising to us Muslims who attend this Christian school. This has taught me and my parents a big lesson that Christians can share with us, even if we do not know them physically. The person who came with them said that they have been donated by children in Whiteman land – when I grow up, I will like to share with others too, without thinking of their background. Thank you very much.”


Habibba’s parents discovering contents of box


The Society for Initiatives in Rural Development and Environmental Protection (SIRDEP) is non-governmental, not-for-profit making organization in Cameroon head quartered in Bamenda. SIRDEP has a multi-disciplinary team of experienced agronomists, agro-economists, livestock technicians, rural engineers, and natural resource management experts who work together to foster positive, sustainable development. SIRDEP was founded in 1992 and is one of the oldest indigenous NGOs in the North West Region of Cameroon.

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