Values and principles we live by…

Experienced.  Founded in 1992, we are the oldest NGO in the North West Region of Cameroon with a wealth of institutional experience to draw upon as we continue to evolve our services and improve our impact.

 Credible.  Experience alone is not enough; we have a well documented history of delivering our services with impartiality, integrity, and effectiveness.

 Accountable.  Our credibility is linked directly to our ability to take responsibility for our actions; we are committed to continually implementing mechanisms to ensure our accountability standards are of the highest quality.

 Quality Services.  Our long-term viability is inexorably linked to our capacity to deliver services and advice that meet the specific needs of our beneficiaries and clients and that add value to their mission.

 Capacity Building.  Facilitating a learning environment and experience base for our beneficiaries, clients, and partners is a pillar of delivering quality services.

 Competent.  Our members are our greatest asset and we seek only the finest, most engaged development professionals.

 Multi-disciplinary.  The nature of development work requires a diverse approach and the skill sets to address a wide number of social, economic, and environmental issues.

 Collaborative.  Collaboration is at the core of our approach to development; we recognize our ability to positively influence beneficiaries, clients, and partners is contingent on their active participation as part of the solution.

 Proactive.  We work in a dynamic sector with ever-changing trends; our ability to recognize needs actively and flexibly has been a cornerstone to our long-term sustainability.

 Innovative.  Difficult problems often require creative solutions; we are continually assessing how new and practical approaches can add value for our beneficiaries and clients.

 Sustainable.  We have a well documented capacity to succeed in the midst of turbulent economic, political, and social times; we are relentlessly seeking to build a more autonomous service delivery model.